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We would like to collaborate with any organizations, dot-com entrepreneurs, software companies, Gem traders, match making bureaus, newspapers or magazines which publish Panchangs, mobile phone companies, leading web sites or individuals who have interest in our website.

Some relevant points is providing a dedicated astrology service through both online and offline products. Our services include personal horoscopes, online matchmaking, Astro Index Graphs, Gem finding, Astro WAP and SMS services

Since this is gigantic project with limited funds, we could not concentrate on presentation, descriptions, web design, paid marketing etc. However we are committed to do this as perfect as possible. At present, we have been concentrating on the accuracy of astrological and astronomical calculations and to ensure that online software is user friendly. To this we will constantly add new services which are helpful to astrologers and visitors of this site. Moreover, make our online software ready for the mobile Internet revolution (Reliance Mobile Phone is to launch free mobile Internet shortly)

Our project adapted the state of the art Internet technology. Therefore it can integrate with any new advancements in technology. For instance mobile Internet with translations to any language with little effort.

As far as the matchmaking section is concerned, we currently provide only the south Indian version which, although cumbersome to calculate is more accurate. We have made developments with the North Indian style but as yet is still undergoing completion. We await the response and demand from our visitors to launch this.

What is the major difference between this website and others that provide the same services?

Most of our web services are new and unique whilst other websites consider astrology as just another channel with little attention to accuracy of forecasting. The research and expertise of our highly specialised astrologers ensure the accuracy of our calculations and prevent erroneous predictions going out to the public. This is a matter of pride for us.

All descriptions that are provided with the horoscope are based on actual experience.

We have added some rarely used calculations and planetary combinations to our software based on our scientific research, which will be very useful to astrologers and visitors.

We can add calculations and descriptions on a day-to-day basis based on public interest on our scientific research.

We can provide 24/7 support both online and though phone, based on public interest.

We can provide customized astrology solutions to astrologers based on their methods and calculations.

We can make state of art WEB projects from grass root level right from conceiving the idea, to domain registration, web design, web hosting, Internet programming, online selling of services or products, payment through credit cards, web marketing, daily maintenance and support.

We welcome collaborations from all, even our competitors. Other websites offering similar services or software firm offering similar products.

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