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Astro WAP: Vedic Astrological calculations 


After getting to this page please select the link for Vedic astrology calculations. You can make this page the home page of your mobile phone if you are a regular Astro WAP user. To configure your mobile phone for viewing WAP web sites please refer to the user manual of your mobile phone or contact your mobile phone service provider to allow you for viewing WAP web site. 

You can enter details like date of birth, time of birth, place of birth to receive Vedic astrology calculations with planetary longitudes on your mobile phone, without the need of a laptop. You can predict or do Astro research from anywhere. 

Astro WAP: Vedic Astrological Charts 


After getting to this page please select the link for Vedic Astrology Charts. Enter details such as date of birth, time of birth and place of birth to receive Vedic astrology Charts in South Indian format.

Astro WAP: Place Code Search 

After getting to this page please select the link for Place Code Search. You can enter birth place for the place code. Make a note of this place code as it is requested in further sections. As you donít have to provide the place details, please ensure that the place name you enter is recognized and you then eliminate any that may sound like or be spelt like the one relevant to you. 

Astro WAP: Daily Panchang  kwentry 

After getting to this page please select the link for Daily Panchang. 

Information available:



Astro WAP: Kerala WAP Entry 

There is a special entry page for those born in Kerala. You do not need to enter any place details, simply enter the STD code (phone) of that particular place 

After getting this page please select the link for Kerala WAP entry. 

Suggest an Astro WAP Service 

Please suggest any similar WAP services that may help you. We will conduct market research as to the viability and feasibility of such a program amongst the public and astrologers. If the signs are positive, we will happily launch that program.


We will also provide certain customized Astro WAP services to individuals, such as methods not followed by other astrologers.


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