Astro Index Graphs

Index Graphs are the blend of ancient Vedic astrology techniques and state of the art internet technology. The Vedic astrology Guru could foresee the advent of computer technology. For example Maha Guru Parasara when writing the ancient Vedic astrology text The Brahat Parasara Hora Sastra, told his student Mitraya that there should be a method developed for the modern era, which should be comparatively easier to understand. He predicted that modern astrologers may fail to understand the combined effect of all planets. He also prophecised that in the modern era peoples minds will always be preoccupied with future events so simpler methods for the representation of future predictions was needed.

Maha Guru Parasara incorporated various astrology techniques in his book for simpler representations which is integrated within our Index Graphs. 

Gain index


The Gain Index Graph represents your gains in each day.

Points are calculated based on planetary positions each day. The ability of each planet to positively influence your life is calculated based on the strength of that planet at the time of your birth. Each day planetary calculation are made for 00:00 AM GMT. If the points tally is above 29, that day will be positive for you and it will bring gains. A points tally of between 24 to 29 is considered average. If the points tally falls below 24 the day will not be good for you and you are advised not to take any risks.




The Loss Index Graph represents your losses in each month.

The points are calculated based on planetary positions in each month and the negative influence each planet have on your life is calculated based on the strength of those planets at the time of your birth. If the points tally is above 29, the month will be good for you and you need not worry about problems. If they are between 24 and 29, the month is considered average. If the points total to less than 24, the month will not be good for you, you can expect problems and losses in most things, plan your life carefully.


NOTE: Gain Index and Loss Index have a total net-effect relationship. For instance,

                        Gain                Loss                Overall

                    Good             Good             Good

                    Good             Average          Average (e.g. earn lots, spend lots!)

                    Bad               Bad               Bad (e.g. earn little, spend lots)


A sudden rise in Loss Index points results in a GAIN, conversely a sudden drop in points signals a LOSS. The same logic applies for the Gain Index.



Relevant user entry pages



This is one of the entry pages for the Index Graphs, this particular Graph indicating possible gain in your day to day life. Enter the date & time of birth, latitude & longitude and time zone of birth place. 

Select latitude and longitude from Birth place Lat & Long search on the home page. No DST timing is allowed.  You can select a specific Ayanamsa; if not the default Ayanamsa will be taken.

Graphical representations will be available for 365 days from today.

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