This web site comes to you from the South Indian state of Kerala. Due to its beautiful landscape, greenery, backwaters and long sandy beeches and the friendliness of its people, Kerala has fast become a prominent tourist attraction. Moreover, Kerala has historically played a unique and distinctive part in the significant evolvement of astrology. The origins of astrology can be traced back to the prehistoric era of the great Gurus of around 6000 years ago. The land and its various temples are mentioned in ancient Vedic astrological literature still preserved in Kerala.

In addition to the above, here are some unique facts regarding astrology that reigns true about India’s first 100% literacy state, Kerala:

·         8 out of 10 people in Kerala are aware of and believe in astrology. Knowledge and authenticity of astrologers in this region of the world is second to none.

·         All leading newspapers and calendars come with each day’s astrological events such as the Star for the day, timings of phases, astrologically important auspicious and inauspicious periods of the day like Rahukula and Muhoortham.

·         Kerala has the highest proportion of astrologers to population, as well as having the largest number of scientific researchers in the field. Students of astrology come from all walks of life, religious backgrounds and social environments.

·         Many classic literatures of astrology such as Prasnamarga (considered the Bible of Prasna astrology); Devakeralam and Dasadhayi were created or influenced by sages and gurus from Kerala.

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